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Van Safari
Van Safari is conducted in Mudumalai.Tickets for the safari have to be bought at the respective forest reception centers before the start of the safari.Private vehicles are not allowed inside the forest core area for safari.It is a punishable offence to Litter/Stop/Picnic/enter the forest area.
Cost of ticket per person: Rs.45 for half an hour round trip.
Maximum 25 people per Van.
Morning: 06.30 AM to 09.00 AM
Evening: 03.30 PM to 06.00 PM
Elephant Safari
In Mudumalai,half an hour elephant safari has been started with bookings to be done at the Ooty forest office and 50% of tickets sold at Mudumalai Theppakadu reception center on a first come first serve basis.
Cost of ticket per person: Rs.100
Maximum 4 people per elephant.
Morning: 07.00 AM to 08.30 AM
Evening: 03.30 PM to 05.00 PM