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Trekking is enjoyable in Mudumalai as this area has a pleasant climate and the scenery is really great.There are plenty of chances to view wild animals like Tiger, Leopard, Indian Gaurs (Bison), deer and Elephants during trek. The surroundings are suitable for Nature photography and wildlife photography.Many people including wildlife photographers pursing Nature photography as a hobby find Mudumalai a perfect location to pursue their hobby. You will be able to see at least 20 varieties of birds and hear their sweet voice.Everybody is sure to enjoy bird watching in this charming calm peaceful atmosphere.
Visiting the nearby hanging bridge on Moyar River passing through the jungle is a great experience.
Early mornings and evenings are best suited for trekking and bird watching hence we choose this time to take you on a trek.You are sure to enjoy trekking in Mudumalai.Experienced person who is familiar with all the routes inside the forest will be there to take you on a trek.Equipments required to make trekking easy and enjoyable will no be provided.Please do carry your own trekking equipments, accessories and clothes.
There are 3 small lakes on the trekking route.The third lake is frequented by elephants.It is advisable to go trekking only during day time. Fishing is possible in these lakes.
The adventurous fun you are going to have during your vacation in India is unlimited and you will remember it all throughout your life.
It is advisable no to take children on the long trek.The children are sure to enjoy the walk up to the river. Return back from trek before 6 pm as it gets very dark after that and it is not safe.