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WildLife Sanctuary
Land of the ancients,‘old hills’ is what Mudumalai literally translates into.Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary & National Park is situated at the tri-junction of the three southern states of Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Mudumalai wildlife reserve is a continuation of the Bandipur National Park.It was the first sanctuary in South India and established in the year 1940.The sanctuary is divided into 5 ranges – Masinagudi(in Karnataka), Thepakadu, Mudumalai, Kargudi and Nellakotta.
The Western Ghats, Nilgiri Sub-Cluster(6,000 km2 (2,300 sq mi)), including all of Mudumalai National Park, is under consideration by the UNESCO World Hertiage Committee for selection as a World Heritage Site.
A variety of habitats ranging from Tropical Evergreen forest, Moist mixed deciduous, Moist Teak forest, Dry teak forest, Secondary grass lands, Shrubs and Swamps exists here.The bird diversity in these habitats is unbelievably rich and is a welcoming place for bird watchers from far and wide.This park harbours over 200 species of birds from 48 families and is one of the richest bird areas in the State of Tamilnadu.Some of the rarely seen Birds of prey like the rufous bellied hawk eagle can be occasionally seen in this sanctuary.Nights are fascinating especially during the month of April, when the whole sanctuary is illuminated with millions of glow worms.
The sanctuary has an area of 321 Sq.Km with 108 Sq.Km of National Park area.It lies within 11o 30’N to 11o 42’N and 76o 30’E to 76o 45’E.
Rainfall ranges from 800-2000mm. Temperature varies from 14o C to 33o C.
Altitude ranges from 100’ MSL to 1200’ MSL.
Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
There are 48 tigers in the Nilgiri Reserve across which tigers are free to roam.In April 2007, the TamilNadu State Government declared Mudumalai as a Tiger Reserve, under section 38V of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, in an effort to conserve the country’s dwindling Tiger populations.Subsequently, about 350 families living in the core area have been evicted from the park and given 1 million rupee($20,800) compensation.Those in the 5km buffer area around the park fear they too will be evicted, however, nobody will be dislodged from the buffer zone.In fact, some people in this zone will be involved in the project as trackers and guides to enhance their income through eco-tourism.
Continuance of Project Tiger’ in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve for FY 2010/11, at the cost of Rs.403.564 Lakhs, was approved by the National Tiger Conservation Authority on 16 September 2010.
Some Useful Tips
The best time to visit the reserve is from February to June.The sanctuary can be reached by road.The nearest railway station is Udakamandalam.The nearest airport is Coimbatore.Accommodation can be arranged at forest rest house, guest houses at Masinagudi, Kargudi, Abhayaranyam and Theppakadu.
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